Panama is one of the most exciting destinations in Central America, and the reason why so many expats now call Latin America their home. With a solid infrastructure and one of the strongest economies in the world, Panama has turned heads in recent years as a land of opportunities for both business and pleasure.

The Republic of Panama is home to 3,191,310 (July 2006 EST.) citizens, and the official spoken language is Spanish, though English has recently been declared a second language and is widely spoken. It is a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, creating the unique blend of influences that constitute the richness of Panamanian culture. Evidence of the wide array of nationalities you can find in Panama is found right in the country’s capital, Panama City.

The Panama Canal is one of the 9 wonders of the world, and Panama’s largest source of GDP growth annually. Over the past few years it has managed to edge out Costa Rica and other popular Central American tourist destinations as the most interesting one in the region with its unique blend of tropical and mountain destinations. Only in Panama would you be able to enjoy rich mountain weather and sunny beach weather on the same day.

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