Golf is a sport which is recognised worldwide. You don’t have to travel far in the majority of the developed world, before you will come across a golf course. However, some areas of the planet offer superior golfing experiences to others and that’s where Panama and Central America come in.

Panama, is at the meeting point of South America and Central America, making it an ideal location, whichever side of the country you are on. Furthermore, links to the country from outside the continent are improving all the time and it’s now becoming very easy to reach Panama, from all around the globe.

The number of golf courses in Panama has risen greatly over the past 10 years and it’s not only the quantity which has increased, it’s the quality. Many of the new golf courses in Panama, are part of much larger developments, boasting resorts, residential communities, swimming pools, spa’s, restaurants, shops, beaches and much more.

Some of the best golf courses in Panama, include the, Buenaventura Resort,  Santa Maria Golf Club, Coronado Country Club, Club de Golf Panama, Lucero Golf Course, the Royal Decameron Beach Resort, Vista Mar Resort, Tucan Country Club, Summit Golf Panama and Valle Escondido Resort.

As mentioned above, many of these golf courses are part of much bigger projects, including holiday resorts and residential living areas. So what makes Panama such a good place to come for a relaxing golf holiday or to live?

Well firstly, Panama is ranked as the number one place to live for well-being (link to the other article I wrote) and there can not be a much better reason to visit or live in a country than that. The climate is fantastic, with great weather, not only to enjoy the golf courses but also a number of other healthy, outdoor activities.

Furthermore, Panama has one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America over the last decade and was one of only a handful of countries who continued to perform well, during the recent global economic crisis. The country also reached double digit growth rates in 2010 and 2011 and therefore offers a very good economy, to it’s people and visitors alike.

With the rise in golf course and real estate development going hand-in-hand, there has been no better time to sample what Panama has to offer. Whether it’s a golfing holiday to one of the many fantastic golf resorts or something more permanent, such as an apartment in one of the residential golf communities, Panama has everything the discerning golfer could wish for.